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3D Interactive Conversational Displays

3D Holographic Touch Display Screens are cutting-edge visual devices that project three-dimensional images into space, allowing users to interact with and manipulate these images through touch. Available in 32-inch and 86-inch scale.

3D Interactive Conversational Displays - Use Cases

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Why Brands Need Experiential Gamification:

Immersive Interaction:

Provide a highly immersive and engaging user experience by allowing direct interaction with branded content.

Innovative Product Display:

Showcases products or information in a visually striking way, offering a futuristic alternative to traditional displays.

Enhanced Engagement and Recall:

The tactile interaction with 3D holograms increases user engagement and aids in better memory retention of the displayed content.


Our benchmarks on this ad creative:

  • High Impact
  • High Dwell time
  • Lead Conversion



  • Brand Experience
  • Leads

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