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Conversational AI

Conversational AI

What It Does:

Conversational AI Agents are AI-powered messaging systems capable of simulating human conversation and providing instant, personalized customer support across various messaging platforms. Over 130+ languages and an array of channels including WhatsApp, SMS, and Messenger

Conversational AI - Use Cases

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Why Brands Need Haptics:

Always-On Service:

Offers continuous support, addressing customer inquiries anytime, enhancing satisfaction.

Efficiency in Operations:

Handles routine tasks, cutting costs and freeing up staff for complex issues.

Customized Customer Experience:

Delivers personalized responses using user data, boosting engagement.

Use Cases:

Automated Customer Care

Automated Customer Servicing

Automated Agents

Caller Voice ID

End to End Automation of the user journey

Conversational Analytics and process optimisation


Our benchmarks on this ad creative:


in operating costs



Increase in conversion rates


+ Hours

Saved in customer wait times

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