Burger King x Pepsi – X Marks the Drop


Burger King (BK) and Pepsi, two iconic brands, recognized the need to innovate and engage with their customers in a novel way.
They aimed to break away from traditional marketing strategies to create a unique, memorable experience that would celebrate their collaboration.
The challenge was to design a campaign that would stand out in the highly competitive fast-food and beverage industries, offering something fresh and exciting to their customers.
This campaign needed to encapsulate not only the spirit of both brands but also to involve elements of modern technology and art, specifically incorporating the work of the renowned South African artist, African Ginger.


The solution was the creation of an engaging augmented reality (AR) game named “X Marks The Drop”. This game transformed the promotional experience into an interactive adventure, inviting players to participate in a summer-long AR treasure hunt.
The mechanics of the game were intuitive yet captivating: players registered, used AR to locate and collect tokens either at nearby BK locations or virtually anywhere, and then discovered their winnings in their Whopper Wallet.
The range of prizes was diverse and appealing, from free Whoppers to limited-edition NFTs, exclusive meal deals, and a grand prize of an original artwork by African Ginger. This innovative approach not only celebrated the BKxPepsi collaboration in a dynamic way but also significantly enhanced customer engagement and loyalty.
The campaign’s success was marked by its widespread popularity and the buzz it created, effectively reinforcing the brands’ market presence through this novel AR experience


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