Unleashed - Experience is the Future of Marketing - 1st Feb 2024


Kanvas, Unit 1, Al Khayat Art Avenue, Dubai, UAE


1st Feb 2024, 3 – 5pm


Exploring and unleashing the potential of immersive technologies to create innovative, engaging, and transformative consumer experiences

Our Unleashed event, an extraordinary journey into the future of experiential marketing. Here, we’re not just observing change; we’re driving it. We dove into a world where immersive technology, active attention, dynamic storytelling, and innovative customer experiences converge to redefine the landscape of marketing.

Engaged with cutting-edge Web AR and Web 3.0 technologies, witness awe-inspiring 3D visual shows, and be part of interactive and gamified environments that challenge and inspire.

Participated in interactive talks and insightful panel discussions led by industry visionaries, delving into the transformative power of these technologies.


Make sure you don’t miss our next immersive event! Stay tuned.

Brief agenda:

1) Welcome note

2) Presentations

3) Experiences (try the tech)

4) Panel discussion

5) End of event immersive visual show

6) Networking