Maybelline – Worlds Largest AR Mirror


Maybelline New York faced the challenge of redefining and revitalizing their advertising approach in an era where traditional advertising materials are often overlooked or ignored by consumers. Known as ‘banner blindness,’ this phenomenon has extended from online to offline environments, leading to decreased engagement with conventional static and video content. The task was to create a breakthrough advertising solution that not only captures attention but also actively engages customers in an interactive and immersive way. This solution needed to showcase Maybelline’s new mascara effectively while also standing out in a crowded advertising landscape, particularly in high-visibility urban areas like Kyiv’s Gulliver Mall.


To address this challenge, Maybelline New York collaborated with XR company FFFACE.ME to unveil a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) mirror installation. This AR mirror, installed on the side of the Gulliver Mall in Kyiv, broke records with its massive size of 43,000 square feet, making it the largest of its kind. The innovation allowed people in proximity to interact with the large-scale installation through a kiosk. Here, customers could virtually try on Maybelline’s new mascara, experiencing the product in a dynamic and personalized way. This approach not only rejuvenated traditional advertising materials by infusing them with interactivity but also aligned with emerging trends in augmented reality mirrors and large-scale interactive installations. The AR mirror thus represented a significant stride in the beauty industry, showcasing the potential of XR technology in advertising. It offered an engaging, immersive experience that went beyond passive consumption, effectively engaging customers and enhancing the shopping experience, while also setting a new precedent in advertising innovation.


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