Unilever – Ben & Jerrys


Ben & Jerry’s faced the challenge of engaging customers in a unique and exciting way to drive foot traffic and retail spend at their Scoop Shops. 

With the approach of Easter and the reopening of retail shops, the goal was to create a campaign that stood out from conventional marketing methods, enticing customers to physically visit the stores.


To meet this challenge, Ben & Jerry’s created a large-scale virtual Easter egg hunt. Utilizing augmented reality and digital technology, we developed a virtual egg hunt where players could collect virtual Easter eggs near Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops using their smartphones. These eggs were unique, trackable digital objects that could be redeemed in-store for a variety of prizes, including free ice cream.
The campaign also included the integration of limited edition golden eggs which were hidden in regular eggs and offered additional rewards like a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. This innovative approach not only drove customer engagement but also complied with COVID-19 safety measures through contact-free prize redemption. The campaign resulted in significant customer interaction, with a considerable percentage of participants opting in for further marketing communications from Ben & Jerry’s.


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