Mugler – AR Mirrors


Mugler, a luxury French brand, sought to innovate in the promotion of its new fragrance, Angel Elixir. The challenge was to create a marketing experience that would not only capture the essence of the fragrance but also engage consumers in a unique and memorable way. Traditional advertising methods were insufficient for conveying the sensory experience of a fragrance. Therefore, Mugler needed a solution that would transcend the limitations of traditional scent marketing, provide an interactive and personalized experience, and effectively showcase the allure of Angel Elixir in high-traffic areas such as malls and airports in France and Germany.


To meet this challenge, Mugler collaborated with the award-winning international tech studio FFFACE.ME to develop an innovative marketing tool: augmented reality (AR) mirrors.

These installations were set up across France and Germany, allowing visitors to interact with the Mugler Angel Elixir fragrance in a novel way. When visitors stood in front of the AR mirror and virtually spritzed themselves with the fragrance, their image on the screen was overlaid with a constellation, symbolizing the transformational essence of the perfume.

This interactive approach not only provided a personalized experience but also made the fragrance’s qualities tangible through immersive technology. The AR mirrors effectively enhanced customer engagement, offering a playful and innovative avenue for consumers to connect with the Mugler brand.

This solution represented a convergence of trends in augmented reality, virtual try-on technology, and interactive retail installations, setting a new standard in the luxury fragrance, beauty, and retail industries for engaging customers in a creative and technologically advanced manner.


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