Vodafone – Challenge


Last yuletide season, Vodafone aimed to shower its patrons with holiday joy through the creation of a colossal, augmented reality treasure hunt. Building upon the success of their prior campaign, Vodafone rolled out “Find Unlimited 2,” enabling users to drop pins at their location and gather tokens via augmented reality. This interactive experience could be savored from any location in the UK, making use of the innovative Pin-Drop Geolocation dynamic. A testament to Vodafone’s ingenuity, this trailblazing campaign has been shortlisted for the esteemed International Loyalty Awards 2023 in the category of “Best Use of Technology to Enhance Loyalty.”


Within the token wallet, token rewards can be exchanged, redeemed, or garnered in augmented reality, as part of a dynamic ecosystem. Leaderboards and rankings engender a spirit of healthy competition, while challenges and quests, such as scavenger hunts, furnish opportunities for users to procure rewards through completing tasks. The incorporation of social features, such as discord forums, nurtures a sense of community, while personalization imbues the user experience with individualized preferences and behavior patterns. The coveted AdExchanger Awards 2023 recognized the campaign’s excellence by bestowing the title of “Best Programmatic Out-Of-Home Activation” upon it.


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