Digital Marketing Technologies

Amazon Web Services

What It Does

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a world leader in cloud infrastructure.

AWS offers storage, compute, database, analytics, networking, application integration, and Blockchain support.

Brands can rely on AWS for hosting e-commerce, gaming, apps, and other critical online business operations while also providing the Big Data capabilities to analyze customer and transaction data to make better decisions.

Why You Need It

Archiving, Backup & Recovery

Affordable solutions for data archiving (gigabytes to petabytes), as well as cost-effective options for backup and disaster recovery.

Business Applications

Simplify management and lower the cost of existing business applications.

Data Lakes & Analytics

Comprehensive, secure, scalable, and cost-effective data lake and analytics solutions.


Drive small or large e-commerce businesses with secure and highly scalable solutions for online sales and retail.

Machine Learning

Build with powerful services and platforms, and the broadest machine learning (ML) framework support available.

Hosting Infrastructure

Reliable, highly scalable and low cost website and application hosting.


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