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What It Does

Looker is a powerful data analytics platform that helps both large and small companies to glean value from their data. 

Looker is simple to use and makes it easy to choose, customize, and create a variety of interactive data visualizations. Looker was acquired by Google in 2020 and its integration with Google Cloud helps provide strong analytics and data insights.

Why You Need It

Modern BI & Analytics

Serve up real-time dashboards for more in-depth, consistent analysis. Access to trustworthy data enables teams to collect fresh results for more precise reporting.

Integrated Insights

Enhance the tools you’re already using by infusing new, relevant data. Unify and empower your teams to make more effective, data-informed decisions.

Data-Driven Workflows

Invigorate your workflows with fresh, reliable data. Looker gives teams unified access to the answers they need to drive successful outcomes.

Custom Applications

Create custom apps that deliver data experiences as unique as your business. From retail to healthcare, give your customers the data they need to get the job done.

Database Flexibility

Looker connects with Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, and 50+ supported SQL dialects so you can link to multiple databases, avoid database lock-in, and maintain multi-cloud data environments.

Cloud Flexibility

We know the value of having freedom in your technology stack. Looker supports hosting on public clouds like AWS and GCP, and in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.


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