Digital Marketing Technologies

Visual Website Optimizer

What It Does

VWO is a powerful optimization tool which provides technology and sophisticated analysis for running A/B or Multivariate tests on your website or in your app, preparing personalization solutions, recording visitor behaviour and creating heatmaps. This is a comprehensive software which is essential for any business who is engaged with performance optimization and wants to do it efficiently and reliably.
Features to choose from:
  • Testing (website, app, server-side)
  • Insights
  • Personalize
  • Web Rollouts

Why You Need It

A/B Testing

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) offers robust A/B testing capabilities, allowing businesses to compare different versions of web pages to determine which one performs better. This helps in optimizing conversion rates and enhancing user experience by making data-driven decisions.

Multivariate Testing

VWO enables multivariate testing, which lets businesses test multiple elements on a webpage simultaneously. This feature helps identify the best combination of elements to maximize engagement and conversions.

Split URL Testing

With split URL testing, VWO allows businesses to test different URLs against each other. This is particularly useful for testing completely different designs or workflows to see which one leads to better results.

Behavioral Targeting

VWO’s behavioral targeting feature helps in creating personalized experiences for different visitor segments. By targeting users based on their behavior, businesses can increase relevance and improve conversion rates.

Heatmaps and Click Maps

VWO provides heatmaps and click maps to visualize user behavior on a website. These tools help businesses understand where users are clicking and how they are interacting with the site, identifying areas for improvement.

Session Recordings

Session recordings in VWO allow businesses to watch real-time user interactions. This feature helps in identifying usability issues and understanding the user journey more comprehensively.

Conversion Funnels

VWO’s conversion funnel analysis helps businesses track the steps users take before converting. This tool identifies drop-off points and helps in optimizing each stage of the funnel to improve overall conversions.

Form Analytics

With form analytics, VWO enables businesses to understand how users interact with web forms. This feature helps identify which fields cause friction and abandonment, allowing for optimization of forms to enhance completion rates.

Mobile Optimization

VWO offers tools specifically designed for mobile optimization. Given the increasing use of mobile devices, this feature ensures that businesses can create seamless and engaging mobile experiences for their users.

Easy Integration

VWO integrates easily with other tools and platforms, including Google Analytics, WordPress, and various CRM systems. This seamless integration allows businesses to leverage existing data and workflows for a more comprehensive optimization strategy.

Real-Time Reports

VWO provides real-time reporting and analytics, enabling businesses to quickly assess the impact of their tests and make timely decisions. This feature ensures that optimization efforts are always based on the most current data.

Detailed Segmentation

VWO offers detailed segmentation capabilities, allowing businesses to analyze test results across different audience segments. This helps in understanding how different groups respond to changes and in tailoring experiences accordingly.

Visual Editor

VWO’s visual editor allows for easy, code-free test creation. This feature empowers marketing and product teams to make changes and run tests without needing developer resources, speeding up the optimization process.

Robust Support

VWO provides comprehensive customer support, including documentation, tutorials, and dedicated support teams. This ensures that businesses can effectively utilize the tool and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

User-Friendly Interface

VWO’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it accessible for teams with varying levels of technical expertise. This ease of use allows businesses to quickly set up and run tests without needing extensive technical support.


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