Digital Marketing Technologies

Google Surveys 360

What It Does

Google Surveys 360, part of Google Marketing Platform, is a convenient way to run surveys without the added complexity of a separate tool. 

Google Surveys 360 allows you to design your survey, select your audience (geography, behavior, lists, etc.), gather insights (incentive-based), and view/analyze initial response data within hours.

You can easily share the results via email links or exported files.

Why You Need It

Create Custom Reports Without Complexity

Simply design your survey, tell Google Surveys 360 about your audience, and get results much more quickly than with traditional market research.

Get Real Answers from Real People

Real people answer your questions as they browse the Internet—so they can get access to premium content and you get the consumer insights you need.

Gather Real Consumer Insights, Real Fast

Watch the results roll in. Get completed surveys in as little as three days.

Turn Answers into Insights

Automated graphs, charts, and more help deliver a clear picture from Google Surveys 360 data.

Make Better Decisions

Instant, easy-to-digest dashboards help you make sense of the data so you can make better business decisions right away.

Simplify Survey Access

With an easy-to-use survey creator and simple sharing features, everyone at your organization can use Google Surveys 360 to understand your customers better.


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