Digital Marketing Technologies


What It Does

Hubspot is an integrated marketing platform that is designed for smaller marketing teams.

Hubspot offers four subscription components including its Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, CRM Hub, and Service Hub, making it a great alternative to more complex solutions such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The Marketing Hub offers functionality and premium features that include:

Email Marketing

Landing Pages

Contact Management

Live Chat

Social Media Integration

Traffic and Conversion Analysis

Ad Retargeting

Blog Management

Marketing Automation

Multi-Touch Attribution

Why You Need It

Marketing Automation

Generate leads via a combination of inbound and outbound marketing: SEO tools, blog and content creation tools, video hosting and management, social media tools, analytics, and more.

CRM and Sales Enablement

Enable sales productivity with a full suite of features: contact/deal/task management, email tracking and scheduling, meeting scheduling, document sharing, quotes, and live chat.

Customer Support

Provide world-class customer service via live chat, customer ticket bots, customer service automation, customer feedback capture, multiple ticket pipelines, videos, and more.

Website CMS for Content and SEO

Build powerful websites that convert via a combination of blog and content creation tools, dynamic content, lead generation tools, smart content, live chat, and dozens of additional features.

Enterprise Marketing Functionality

Design and deploy enterprise marketing initiatives such as Account Based Marketing, multi-touch revenue attribution, adaptive testing, and much more.

Enterprise Sales Automation

Deploy enterprise sales support capabilities such as sales automation, predictive lead scoring, email sequences, multiple deal pipelines, automated reporting, and more.


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