Digital Marketing Technologies

Google Cloud Platform

What It Does

Google Cloud is a platform that combines compute, database, storage, data, and networking connectivity for deploying advanced marketing analytics use cases such as machine learning segmentation, lifetime value prediction, AI-driven personalization, and media mix modeling.

Marketing teams can leverage the storage, database, and Big Data capabilities to analyze large volumes of data as part of their predictive models, analytics, and decision engines to drive media mix and other decisions. This is especially valuable when analyzing e-commerce and offline transaction data in combination with customer journey touchpoints.

Why You Need It

Modernize Workloads

Migrate quickly with pre-packaged cloud infrastructure solutions for SAP, VMware, Windows, Oracle, data center migration, and other enterprise workloads.

Intelligent Marketing Analytics

Uncover actionable insights from your data with a suite of scalable solutions for data warehouses, analytics, and AI and machine learning.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Build applications once and run them in hybrid and multi-cloud environments with other cloud providers.

Layered Infrastructure

Progressive layers deliver multi-tiered security, detecting, and responding to internal and external threats 24/7.

Data Protection

Secure-by-design infrastructure protects your data, applications, and users with advanced anti-malware and threat detection.

Intelligent Monitoring and Control

Gain real-time visibility into who’s accessing your data and reduce risk by ensuring that only the right users can do so.


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