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What It Does

Tableau is a BI tool that helps people see and understand data.

Its visual analytics platform helps marketers and executive stakeholders use data to solve problems by improving the flow of analytics and making data more accessible through visualization.

As part of, Tableau enables native trend spotting and outcome prediction inside the world’s #1 CRM to help brands build a culture of data and improve enterprise decision making.

Why You Need It


Put data at the center of your decisions. Securely share interactive dashboards, keep on top of data with alerts and subscriptions, and use storytelling to share insights clearly.


Ask and answer questions as they occur. Power your insights with advanced analytics, calculations, and statistics—all topped with an award-winning visual interface.

Content Discovery

Make it easy for everyone to find the right data. Organize resources by project, recommend relevant data, allow ‘go back’ with revision history, and enable search.


Be confident your data is secure and trusted. Manage and streamline data use with centralized data sources, data certification, row-level permissioning, and usage analytics.

Data Prep

Get your data ready for analysis with the same interactive, visual interface that is used for analytics. Create federated joins or blend. See clearly with automatic data modeling.

Data Access

Connect to all your data on-prem or in the cloud. Access and combine disparate data without writing code. Connect live, extract data—or do both, depending on your needs.


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