Digital Marketing Technologies

Campaign Manager 360

What It Does

Google Campaign Manager 360 is a web-based ad management system for advertisers and agencies. 

Part of Google Marketing Platform, it provides a rich set of tools for managing creatives and running ad campaigns.

Why You Need It

Comprehensive Measurement

Gain transparency into paid media with built-in attribution, reporting, and automated third-party verification.

Streamlined Workflow

Native integrations with other Google products enable your media, creative, and analytics teams to work faster.

Centralized Ad Serving Across Channels

Manage all your video and display across the web, apps, YouTube, and emerging environments like connected TV.

Expanded Choices for Ad Management

Direct integrations with third parties give you the flexibility to choose how you manage and measure your campaigns.

Integrates with DV360 and Search Ads 360

Ads served by Campaign Manager 360 sync directly to Display & Video 360 for comprehensive reporting insights. View Search Ads 360 performance and insights alongside your display and video metrics for a holistic view of cross-channel performance.

Integrates with Analytics 360

Connect your paid media cost and performance data to your first-party audience data in Analytics 360 to get a full picture of the customer journey.


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