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Monetize your community in Web3

INTREN partnered with GALAXIS to bring brands, businesses and communities a platform that allows them to seamlessly create a web3 experience, forge stronger community participation, create a new revenue model and reward community members. Get in touch with us to see how you can integrate GALAXIS into your business.

About GALAXIS is a decentralized platform offering scalable Web3 infrastructure for content creators, influencers, and communities. It aims to empower individuals and communities with control over their data and content while providing monetization avenues through digital membership cards and community spaces.

Content creators often struggle to share and monetize their work due to a lack of robust infrastructure support. Existing solutions often lead to diluted brand equity and fail to foster genuine community engagement.

Galaxis addresses this issue by offering a decentralized infrastructure tailored to the creator economy. It designs perks and utility traits that represent diverse community values, making them transferable and ownable by community members. This approach encourages continuous engagement and support for creators or businesses around which the community is built.

Everything you need to build and manage your web3 community.

The Galaxis platform comprises three major parts: Mission Control, Membership Cards, and Community Space.

Mission Control serves as an admin interface that manages the deployment of modules to user interfaces.
Membership Cards offer a UI for interacting with membership card NFTs.
Community Space fosters interaction and engagement between community members.

In addition, Mission Control offers tools like Token Architect and Utility Trait Manager to design and issue community membership cards and add functions and utilities to them. Other features include Sticker Books for digital collectibles, Forges for combining and crafting membership cards, Governance for community voting, and Treasury for handling community funds.

Membership Cards, as digital tokens, provide features and value to community members. They can include redeemable physical or digital items, access to web interfaces, perks, badges, and discounts. The Community Space offers a safe, token-gated environment for interaction and engagement, complete with chat rooms, a marketplace, and video streaming.

Galaxis, therefore, provides a comprehensive, decentralized solution for content creators to manage and monetize their communities, promoting greater engagement and value creation.

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